Your Ultimate Party Planning Guide

It’s been blogged and posted about a lot but herewith my version of the best tips n tricks I have come across for planning a party.

Main questions to ask when having a party:

  1. What is the date?
  2. How many people to invite?
  3. Where will the party be held?
  4. What is the budget?
  5. What entertainment will be needed e.g. music, clowns, jumping castle etc

Planning a kid’s birthday party may seem like a stressful occasion but it doesn’t have to be.

The first place to start when planning your child’s special day is to:

  • See how many people you are going to invite – this will also more than likely be a factor to determine where the party will be held.
  • Pick out a theme – this will form the base for the party and tie everything together. This will mostly be determined by what the child is currently into.
  • Find a party venue if you are not going to be hosting the party at your house.
  • Pick a date on your calendar
  • Make a list of people to invite and send out the invitations once the venue and date have been confirmed.
  • Plan your menu and drinks
  • Create the shopping list for the party
  • Plan the cooking schedule if you are making any items yourself, alternatively make sure to order the required platters, birthday cake etc with the relevant party provider.
  • Make sure to have a list together of the equipment you will need to take with you of all the items that the party venue may not have or provide.

party planning

Other options to consider that may be harder when planning the party is what type of activities there will be at the party. Keeping the kids entertained & the parents relaxed is the key to a successful birthday celebration. When the kids are entertained then the parents will also enjoy the party without having to run around their children. Sometimes all children need is a sand pile & a jumping castle and this will keep them occupied for hours, other times especially for older children it may require a little more thought.

The time of year the party is held also influences a great deal on the type of celebration you will have. We all know that the winter months are not very easy. The possibility of it being too cold and/or rainy for an outside party is highly likely. So, what do you do? There are quite a number of venues offering indoor party options. This is a great time to re-introduce those fantastic party games. I remember as a child playing all these fun party games i.e. pass the parcel, musical chairs, egg spoon races, pin the donkey’s tail etc, going home happy and having had loads of fun. There certainly are so many variations to these games now that you certainly will find something. A lot of these games could even be “taylor-made” to suit your party theme. Make sure to have a list of games ready as kids can go through the games in a hurry.

Summer months are easier as anything outdoors gives more options. There are a lot of venues that have a swimming pool which will be a great way for kids to have fun. Safety of course is always an issue when having a swimming party so it may always be a good idea to hire a lifeguard or even a post matric student who has lifeguarding experience to help on the day.

What ever the celebration there are always loads of things to do and to think about when organising the party.

May your next party planning be a little easier with the template.

Don’t forget once the party is over – send out thank you notes / messages!

I’ve set up an awesome downloadable party guide template to use for organising your next event. The template is in excel format and includes sheets for guest list / rsvp list, budget planner, to do list / check list with final check list and guest list sheets etc.

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