Papachinos Clearwater

Papachino’s – Child-Friendly Restaurant, Clearwater

Papachino’s is the perfect child-friendly restaurant.  They have good quality and wholesome meals to choose from and the kids will be entertained for hours playing and just be kids, whilst supervised by their friendly staff. At Papachino’s it is all about the family and their valued guests, they have exceptional service and you can be sure that you will overall have a quality experience.

All their food is prepared fresh and they are passionate about the quality of food going out to the guests as well as healthy options to choose from as well. Natural, organic and homemade is their focus and vision in their kitchens.  The adults can also enjoy catching up with friends over a good quality meal whilst the kids play outside.

Outside kids play area

The kids will play for hours outside under supervision of their friendly staff and they can even ride bicycles.


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