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Any birthday party is a big celebration, whether it is your childs 1st or 5th Birthday. While you’re busy planning the theme, gathering decorations, sending out invitations and ordering the cake; it’s so easy to overlook one very important element: the photography. Hiring a photographer is becoming more and more common today – as many parents want to capture every moment of their loved one’s big day, but also not have to worry about being stuck behind the camera the entire time!

You’re probably the parent of the birthday child and therefore the party hostess, moving subjects and clutter with little or no time to think about taking pictures. You want to enjoy the party and you want to be in a few photos with your child right?

At kiekiekids we provide a professional on-site service to capture those memorable Birthday party moments of your child in a fun & playful way. We also have a range of modern photo albums to make these memories last a lifetime.


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