Party Planners guide to organizing a child’s birthday party

Party Planners Tips when using a Venue

Posted by Colleen Rens – Vista Parties

Party Planners and Venues take away a lot of stress from you as a mother. Here are some steps to help you plan your child’s special day.

One Month before the big day

  • Start talking to your child at least a month before the time to find out what they would like to do (don’t limit them to one idea) or where they would like to go.
  • Settle on a budget for the party.
  • Start to look at suitable venues, this needs to be done as early as possible as most venues / party planners require a deposit on booking to confirm the date and time slot. Once this is done you can relax a little.
  • If you want a venue only – you will need to arrange the tables & chairs, table cloths and decor etc..
  • Alternatively you can use a Venue with a Party Planner, who will do it all for you.  This would include the decor, to the party packs, food and even the Birthday Cake.
  • Once you have found one to suit your budget and that you feel comfortable with – Book it!

Three weeks before the big day

  • Decide on the number of children to be invited.
  • The number of children you plan to invite is very important. To enable the  Party Planner to to quote correctly. In the past the rule of thumb was double your child’s age to give you the number of children to invite. The trend today is to invite the entire class.
  • Clearly state when and who to RSVP.
  • It is a good idea to make the RSVP date at least a week before the party.  This gives you time to follow up on those that have either forgotten about the invite or never received it from their child.  There are two easy free ways to send your invite these days, Invitd  or Evite
  • Venue and Party Planners normally give you until that time to confirm your numbers.
  • Arrange the birthday cake with a supplier if you are not baking it yourself or the venue is not supplying the cake.
  • Most bakers need a minimum of 2 weeks notice to create your masterpiece.
  • Where possible, arrange that the baker deliver it directly to the venue on the day of the party (it will take some of that pressure off you)
theme set up

One Week before the big day

  • At this stage you should have everything sorted; Venue, Cake, Present, RSVP’s, and you can now start to relax a little.
  • It is advised at this stage to settle any outstanding bill with the venue or party planner, so that on the day it is one thing less to think about.
  • Where possible send a group message to all the guests invited reminding them what time to be at the venue  [?]

The Day before the big day

Spoil yourself, go and have a massage or get your nails done, relax, and when your child gets home from school enjoy the time with him / her.

The Big Day arrives

Arrive at the venue at the stipulated time, not before or after (in a number of cases there will be an event before yours or the venue has been booked after your event).
Do not try and micro-manage the party planner or venue staff. Sit back, and enjoy your child’s birthday.  At the end of the party, you only have to take the left over cake and presents. The mess, well that is some one else’s problem.

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