Original Party Themes

by Gail Venter

Kids come up with weird and wonderful party themes, they are original and personal and personally I love them. What a wonderful opportunity for us to be creative; to take a kids party theme idea and turn it into a reality.

Some of the ideas that we at Imagine your party have been given to run with have been;

Sharks – my son at age 5 decided we must do a shark party; real look sharks, the cake, the banner, the accessories, a boy style under the sea real looking sharks. It really was fabulous.

Chefs party – At Imagine the Venue we set up this original theme, it was a lot of messy fun as you can imagine. Each child got given an apron and a chef’s hat on their table setting, they decorated biscuits and enjoyed the dressing up and baking, then running into the garden to burn it all off, what fun.

basketball theme 2
basketball theme

Basketball; Jump Jordan jump – Another fabulous theme done at Imagine the Venue – orange and blue colours, basket balls, new shoes, and a basketball hoop as décor, Personalised banner and of course the biscuits and cup cakes to match.

The most recent one Imagine your party set up, was night lights: this theme was set up at a party venue called Mini-trac- Karting, just one of the entertainments the kids enjoyed – go karting.  We had a great time decorating this one, adding plenty of other entertainment and a pretty candy buffet table.

My creativity starts with surfing the net for a picture that the child and parent like to represent the party theme, once I have designed the banner around that, everything else falls in place.

These gorgeous original themes give us the opportunity to really think outside the box and choose décor that matches the theme. With night lights; we used fairy lights and stacked shiny silver boxes representing sky scrapers, glass vases with shiny tinsel in them, on the candy buffet. Adding flowers and balloons, this is always a beautiful addition to a lot of themes for girls matching colours to tie it all together.

Enjoy the ideas your kids come up and send them our way , we will turn your birthday child special day into a magical fantasy come true.

party theme
party theme 2

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  1. melissa says:

    hi im looking to have a party for my lg she turns 3 in dec im looking to hve a tinkerbell party can someone contact me plz

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