How to build your Construction Party

Having fun with construction

Most Little boys love building things so what better way to indulge in this by creating an amazing Construction Themed Party.

This Orange, Yellow, Brown, Black and even some red bonanza can be quite exciting to set up. I’ve come across some awesome party set ups and ideas from our listings. These are sure to get your juices flowing and ideas rumbling in. This theme can also be done with Bob The Builder Party.

The Construction Theme is timeless and can be set up with a limited budget.

We’ve put together a few great ideas and photo gallery from providers / venues that have had construction parties. Remember that just because a provider / venue might not be listed within the post for the construction party it does not mean that they are unable to do the theme. Make sure to ask the venue of choice or one of the amazing party providers.


Invitation can say something like:

– Grab your Hard Hat and come to [name] Construction Zone –

– Join the Crew for loads of fun –

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party decor

The colour scheme will consist of: Yellow / Orange / Black / Brown and even Red.

You can print out little construction type pictures and stick them onto toothpicks or straws and use them around the table as part of the décor. Get a black table cloth and edge it with a caution yellow tape.

Labels for various stations can be:

– Gift Table: “Dump gifts Here” –

You can create a banner or write on a chalk board to go at the entrance of the party:

– “You are now entering the Construction Zone Area” –

– “Party Under Construction” –

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table decor - party venue benoni
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party food

Sweets and Food can be served in large Dump Trucks or Excavators or even Hard Hats – great way of gifting these to your child afterwards too or even use them as party favours.

Wording to use for the food table can be: “Dig In” and “Refuelling Station” can be for the drinks table.

  • Have a “Build – a – Burger” station.
  • Cheese Balls can be labelled as “Wrecking Balls”
  • Whispers become: “Pepples”
  • Chicken or Fish Fingers: “Building Bricks”
  • Chocolate Wafer Biscuits or Chocolate Brownies: “Boulders”
  • Apple Juice: “Diesel”
  • Lemonade: “Gas”
  • Plastic Knives and Forks in a container: “Tools”
  • Chocolate Fingers: “Logs”
  • Vanilla Wafer Cookies: “Lumber”
  • Rice Krispie Treat dipped in orange or yellow coloured chocolate: “Wet Paint”
  • Liquorice Sticks: “Rope”
  • Chocolate covered oreos: “Truck Tyres”

If you adding juice or water into a big canister / dispenser: “Crew Punch” especially great if the jug is Orange of course.

tea break snacks - little oaks party place
sweets table - little oaks party place
sweets storage-littlebigco blogspot
little oaks party place - sweets
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party games and party favours

For party games / activities you can create work stations in the sandpit: “Digging Area” – use lego blocks for a “Building Area” or have a cardboard box tunnel. A Sand quarry if space permits. A toy hammer and nail station or have toothpicks and marshmallows bridge building station. These are all sure ways of keeping the kids entertained and busy constructing things. You can even have a cardboard house for kids to paint and make additions to.

Party Favours can include Hard Hats / Vests / Small Toolsets or use these as part of the games give-aways.

Or a bag with a miniature digger, small yellow spade and a mix of yellow/brown/orange smarties tied together with a note saying: “I Dig You!” or you can add a note saying: “Thanks for being part of my Crew” or “I hope you dug my party”

A bag of chocolate coins with a note: “Days Wages”

Make sure to follow our Construction Party Theme Board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Have fun constructing your next party with your crew!

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construction-party-ideas-favors- prettymyparty
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