Have an Emoji Party!

by guest blogger: Katherine

Emojis have become part of a global language. They’re bright and fun, and there are so many of them! So what better way to celebrate a special occasion than to have an emoji themed party! Kids love them and they will certainly love a themed party. This theme will be sure to have all the guests laughing, so let’s take a look at how you can host your own emoji party.

Intriguing invitations

You can start the fun before the festivities have even begun by sending out emoji themed invitations. Buy them ready-made, get a stencil kit or have a go at making your own; just keep it simple with something like the yellow smiley face. Alternatively you could design a digital the invitation, full of emojis of course, and send it round to the parents. To do this there are plenty of available online programs you can try.

Emoji party graphic


Emoji Party

Emoji decor

Whether you purchase emoji decorations and garlands or create your own, this is another great way of celebrating the theme. The easiest way to make your own is to create stencils of party themed emojis, whether that’s the winking face, party popper, cake, or any others that you want to hang around the home. Once you’ve made one stencil it’ll be easy to replicate. Alternatively print your favourites from the Internet, cut them out, attach with string or ribbon and hang them somewhere they’ll stand out.

Fun food

Depending on how creative you are, you can shape all manner of foods into emojis. Sandwiches, pieces of fruit and even chips can all be made into your child’s favourite emoji.

You can also use containers that match up with emojis, like the chips emoji. Simply use a printed template of a French fries holder or grab a store-bought chips container. Then fill with your home-cooked potato treats and add a dollop of tomato ketchup on top. The kids will be having so much fun that it might get tough to avoid those inevitable party spills. You may find it handy to know how to remove ketchup from clothes!

Emoji cakes

No party is complete without cake, and here’s your chance to go to town with the theme. Again, depending on how brave you are you could make the main cake in the shape of an emoji – how about a French fries emoji cake? That’ll certainly be a lot of fun. Or simply make a vanilla sponge and cover it in yellow icing, then get the birthday girl or boy to draw/pipe on the smiley face.

On a smaller scale you could focus on cupcakes and cookies and get the kids involved in decorating them too. Simply make a batch before the party and cut out some stencils from greaseproof paper. Get out the icing bags and let the kids choose which emoji they like best, then have a go at piping it themselves. This combination of cakes and games will firmly cement your place as a party legend!

Whether it’s knowing how to make emoji food and decorations or simply how to remove ketchup from clothes when the excitement spills over, a little preparation goes a long way in making sure everyone has fun. Take these ideas as inspiration and enjoy your kids’ emoji themed party!

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  • cake at candle avenue
    cake at candle avenue

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