Baby Shower

by guest blogger: Katherine

tips on throwing an unforgettable baby shower

When it comes to big celebrations, the birth of a new child is right at the top of the list, and an amazing baby shower is one of the best ways to get ready to welcome a little one. If you’ve been tasked with planning a baby shower, these top tips are going to help take the stress away and make the new mom very happy.

Plan in advance

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! If ever there was a time to heed those words (in a light-hearted manner) it’s when you’re throwing a party for a pregnant lady! The last thing you want is for it to be off the cuff and end up being a farce. Sounds a little dramatic, but don’t panic, get these things sorted early on and you’ll have nothing to worry about:

Create a guest list and put some provisional dates to people – that’ll give you a good idea about numbers and avoid the ‘no one’s coming’ disaster moment.

Get the venue sorted – at least if your first choice isn’t available you’ll have time for a back up. And if you decide to hold the event at a house, then at least you’ll have plenty of time to get it all decorated and prepped for your guests.

Get your invitations sent as soon as possible and ask for a reply.

Choose a theme and start buying the decorations, food and party games.

Tasty treats – Whether you choose to focus on sweet or savoury (depending on what mom craves!) make sure you’re stocked up on delicious and pretty foods.

Draw up a gift list – this is easy to get right with a little subtle investigation.


Put mom at the centre

This may well be a celebration of new life, but it’s also a prime opportunity for you and your friends to pamper the new mom-to-be. Everything will have been about the pregnancy, preparing for labour, choosing names and obsessing about daily tasks like bathing, feeding and how to sterilise baby bottles, so it’ll be a nice break for her to celebrate with her nearest and dearest.

We’ve just mentioned planning and the need to sort out a theme, food, drink and a gift list early on, and you can make mom the centre of all of this. You’ll probably know what she likes, but use the build-up to find out specifics. It could be a food that she’s craving, a massage gift voucher to soothe her back or something else you know she’ll love; the important thing to remember is to keep mom at the centre of celebrations

Don’t forget the baby!

Slightly backtracking here, but don’t overdo the ‘mom-centred’ theme. After all, the arrival of a new baby is something that really needs to be celebrated. One way of doing this is in the decorations and gift list. If you know the sex of the new arrival it’s perfectly ok to theme it around that, as long as you know that’s fine with mom.

Gift-wise, this is an opportunity for guests to buy special presents for mother and child; a blend of baby essentials and thoughtful trinkets is the perfect balance. Along with cuddly toys, fancy clothes and sentimental gifts there are going to be plenty of practical things to buy too. Guests can play their part in stopping mom from having to do the boring shopping for things like everyday clothing, muslins and baby bottles. If you choose to go for something like that make sure you’re clued up on how to sterilise baby bottles etc. so that you can show mom what to do with the specific item you’ve bought.

That’s it, a few simple pointers that’ll help make any baby shower go smoothly and ensure that the new mom has a great time. Enjoy!

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